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The Graphic UX Transformation – A WP With React Case Study

When one of our clients approached us with a vision for their website upgrade, we embraced the challenge. With the WP With React plug-in we meticulously redesigned the entire website. Read further to see the before and after results of the website once the WP With React plugin was administered.


UI/UX Design

When our client approached us, the UI of the website was not performing well. After thoroughly scrutinizing the website and identifying the problems with the design. We redesigned the website to ensure better performance. Here are the results of what happened:

Before Integration

The website’s original UI/UX design relied on static elements, lacking visual appeal and interactivity. User engagement was limited, resulting in a less captivating experience.

After Integration

The website’s design wasn’t user-friendly, and visitors were leaving quickly. After talking with the client, we agreed to use our WP With React Plugin to redesign the site. Once we did this, the design improved a lot, making it easier for people to use. Implementing the plugin significantly improved the user interface, leading to a superior user experience and ultimately lowering the bounce rate.

Website Speed

The core web vitals of the client’s website were very poor which resulted in lower loading speed and higher bounce rate. Using our plugin we improved the core vitals of the website. Here is the result of what happened:

Before Integration

Before the plugin was implemented on the client, the website’s Core Web Vitals, including (FCP), (LCP), and (CLS), were performing poorly. This resulted in slow loading times, and poor user experience. The Performance score was 47, the Accessibility score was 75, and the SEO score was 86, with an average load time of 4.5 seconds and a higher bounce rate of 42.84%, impacting user retention.

After Integration

After integrating WP with React, the website’s speed saw a remarkable improvement. The average loading time was reduced impressively from the initial speed. This boost in speed resulted in a lower bounce rate of 8.49%, signifying improved user retention and satisfaction. The Performance score is now 91, the Accessibility score is 91, and the SEO score is 91. Our plugin’s intervention demonstrates the ability to effectively address the very metrics that impact user satisfaction and website success, turning the overall user experience into a more efficient one.

Google Analytics Report

When we first observed the website it had lower pages view, lower page views, and a higher bounce rate. We used the WP With React Plugin to resolve this issue. Here is what happened:

Before Integration

The initial Google Analytics report indicated limited user engagement, a 42.84 % bounce rate. The number of page views per session was 2.74. The website’s overall performance what poor which led customers away.

After Integration

Post-integration, the website witnessed a substantial improvement in user engagement. The average session duration increased impressively. The bounce rate significantly decreased to 30%, showcasing a 75% improvement. Additionally, the number of page views per session increased to 5.42, indicating an increase in content exploration.


The integration of WP with React resulted in a remarkable transformation of the website’s performance and user experience. With an enhanced UI/UX design, reduced loading times, and improved user engagement, the website witnessed significant visitor satisfaction and retention growth.

Satisfied Owner of Graphic UX

Wow, what a game-changer! We were looking to take our website to the next level, and WP with React Plugin delivered beyond our expectations. Our site, Graphic UX, transformed into a mesmerising ReactJs-powered platform, and the results were simply astounding! The speed boost was like a breath of fresh air, and the seamless interactions left our visitors in awe. Thanks to this amazing plugin, our user experience has never been better. Kudos to the team for creating such a fantastic tool! Highly recommended!

Graphic UX Team

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